Wind Farm and Coal Mine Pictures

Just two pictures taken from Wikipedia. The first one is from this source. It shows a wind farm in South Africa. The second one is a coal mine, taken from this source. So which of these projects has the stronger impact on the landscape? Which looks more pleasing to the eye?

Great America Leaving Paris Agreement

is a good thing. That’s because if they stay, everyone else will be forced to deal with Great America delegates trying to disrupt and delay the proceedings. As long as the Agreement doesn’t have a mechanism to kick out Member States (I am not aware of any such mechanism), it is in the best interest … [Read more…]

Glowing Bike Lane

This Youtube video shows an experimental 100 meter strip of glowing bicycle lane in Poland. The material used is charged over the day and glows for about ten hours at night. Since there is no electricity involved, this may be an interesting way of increasing road safety at night while saving energy. And it does … [Read more…]


I will be speaking at the Japanese Society for German Constitutional Cases on November 7. For that purpose I have prepared a Japanese translation of the case I am going to discuss. This post is for the purpose of putting that out for downloading. ドイツ連邦憲法裁判所第1法廷2014年12月17日判決(相続税に関する違憲判決)の全訳、以下のリンクで公開する: erbschaftssteuer

Relaunch of Lenz Blog

Some hackers were able to insert a spam link into the header of this blog. Two of my readers kindly informed me by mail of that fact. I have installed a new version of the latest WordPress software from scratch. I hope this solves this problem. If not, it may at least help to find … [Read more…]

Changed the Tagline of the Blog

It now reads “Energy, Bitcoin, Climate Change Fiction”. That reflects the content of the site better than the previous version “Energy from the Mongolian Gobi desert”. I have not lost interest in that topic, but it is fair to say that this is not the only focus of this blog.