Wikipedia IP Logging

As has been reported on Slashdot recently, someone has sued the German Ministry of Justice over logging of IP numbers and won. Following this lawsuit the Ministry has changed its practice and now does not log any IP numbers. Following this was a discussion in the German Wikipedia project about that question. It is here … [Read more…]

Just Do It

The German Wikipedia project has one interesting approach to the problem of orphaned works. They use an internal rule that allows posting images which are older than 100 years. Actually, it is 99 years plus X, since they don’t care about calculating exactly. That makes some amount of sense, since it is only a rule … [Read more…]

Jimbo Wales 2006 Keynote

Just a long quote, without comment: One of the social things that I think we can do is WP:BIO. During this past year, in the English Wikipedia in particular, our policies on biographies of living persons have become much more refined and really a a strong focus on higher quality. Part of this is just … [Read more…]

Wikipedia Defamation Policy

There are lots of people who feel they are a victim of Wikipedia defamation, see the “Biographies of living persons: Noticeboard“. Wikipedia should change their relevant policy. They should allow editing of biographical information only for users who have disclosed their name to Wikipedia (not necessarily the public) and are ready to deal with any … [Read more…]

New Category: Wikipedia Defamation

I don’t yet think that Wikipedia needs to be destroyed completely, but right now I feel a lot of raw rage. At a convenient time, I am going to discuss details. Right now I just want to lead off with this quote of Jimbo Wales: “…reverting someone who is trying to remove libel about themselves … [Read more…]