WTO and Renewable Energy

For later reference, just a quick link to a new book financed by the German Ministry of Economy on the matter (in German language). Thanks to this Tweet by Heiko Stubner for the link.

Canada Feed-in Tariff WTO Case

Srikar at the “Tread the middle path” blog reports about first results in the DS 412 WTO case Japan has brought against Canada, complaining about a local content requirement for a feed-in tariff. Not surprisingly, the panel seems to think that this kind of discrimination is illegal under GATT, but not an illegal subsidy. As … [Read more…]

France Planning to Introduce WTO-Violating FIT Premiums

This article at rechargenews writes this about recent French plans for reforming the FIT system: Delphine Batho, head of the ministry of ecology, sustainable development and energy, also confirmed a 10% bonus for sub-100kW systems that use modules manufactured in the EU – a decision certain to raise the temperature in Europe’s simmering solar trade … [Read more…]

Information Technology Agreement Already Covering Solar Panels

Suntech founder Zhengrong Shi writes in the Financial Times about the recent solar panel trade disputes. He objects to the idea of anti-dumping duties. And he calls for a “Clean Technology Agreement” modeled after the WTO “Information Technology Agreement” to get rid off these anti-dumping cases, citing a March 2012 proposal by Matthew J. Slaughter. … [Read more…]