Not Worried about Trump

Says Peter Terium, CEO of the new Innogy company split off from RWE. He explains (my translation): A revolution never starts with the King. The US has so many developments on local and regional levels for renewable energy and electric vehicles, that it is impossible to stop them from Washington. The people for example in … [Read more…]

Great News: Oil Investments Down 22%

Said Mohammed Burkindo, secretary-general of OPEC, yesterday at the World Energy Congress in Istanbul, according to Reuters. Next year is looking bleak as well. He seems to think that’s a bad thing, pointing out a “threat to global oil supply”. But if you are working for OPEC, a “threat to global oil supply” is exactly … [Read more…]

Oil Companies Short Term Profits from Listening to Oil Change International

A couple of days ago I discussed the report “The Sky’s Limit” by Oil Change International recently released. Again, the report explains that the remaining carbon budget is already exhausted when all reserves already in production are used. Which means that there can be no new exploration or investment in other new project infrastructure. As … [Read more…]

Aviation Climate Agreement

The recent international agreement on climate protection in the aviation sector (Climatecentral article) is a victory for those who want to delay action. The agreement will only start to have any impact after 2020. Then, for a couple of years, membership will be limited to those countries who want to go ahead voluntarily. Only from … [Read more…]

Glowing Bike Lane

This Youtube video shows an experimental 100 meter strip of glowing bicycle lane in Poland. The material used is charged over the day and glows for about ten hours at night. Since there is no electricity involved, this may be an interesting way of increasing road safety at night while saving energy. And it does … [Read more…]

Happy Hydrogen Day!

Today I learned from this tweet that October 8th is “Hydrogen Day”, because the atomic weight of around 1.008 can be read as 10/08. I was interested in hydrogen first as a potential way to store and transport energy from desert renewable energy projects. And a couple of days ago I reported about plans of … [Read more…]

The Sky’s Limit Report

This post will discuss the report “The Sky’s Limit” written by Greg Muttitt and other people working at the Oil Change International think tank in Washington. The basic message of this report is: Stop all new development of fossil fuel reserves. Those already in production are enough to blow through our carbon budget. Or, in … [Read more…]