IEA Oil 2017 Report

The IEA has published a medium term forecast for the oil markets. Only part of the report is available for free here. They expect much higher oil prices a couple of years from now because the recent phase of low prices led to a strong reduction in exploration investments in 2015 and 2016. Excellent news, … [Read more…]

Anthony Hobley Close to Phaseout Profit

Carbon Tracker CEO Anthony Hobley spoke at the “Cambridge Climate Lecture Series” on Friday. The Youtube video of the event posted below shows his talk. He starts out explaining a bit about Carbon Tracker and its history. As he explains, people worried about climate change are somewhat “weird”, since they have a long-term perspective. And … [Read more…]

Kingdom of Bhutan Ngultrum

I didn’t know of that currency until today, either. I just learned about it from playing around with the currency information service at, which has Bitcoin added as “XBT”. And they explain their decision to use that code like this: Bitcoin is not recognized by the ISO and therefore does not have an official … [Read more…]

Fossil Fuel Hero Story

David Roberts, writing on a recent bipartisan effort from State Governors to help renewable energy in the United States: People are more likely to accept a story in which they are the heroes than one in which they are the villains. In that way, the spread of renewable energy softens the ground for greater acceptance … [Read more…]

Supporting Trump Travel Ban

President Trump lost a preliminary round in the legal fight about his Muslim travel ban. I for one hope he will be able to turn this around later on. It is true that this travel ban doesn’t help securing the population of the United States against violent crime. If preventing lethal attacks was the most … [Read more…]

White House Still White

President Trump has started his term a couple of days ago. And I stand corrected. A couple of my recent predictions were clearly wrong. For one, the White House has (as of now) not been repainted in black, in honor of Trump’s fossil fuel industry sponsors. I also haven’t heard any news of a fracking … [Read more…]

Japanese Bitcoin Exchange Regulation

A law enacted in June 2016 introduces regulation for bitcoin exchanges in Japan. As of now, the law is not yet in force. On December 28th, the Financial Services Agency published drafts for executive orders on the details. The draft concerning bitcoin exchanges is here. People so inclined can comment on this draft until January … [Read more…]