Added Production Argument

Last Week, my post on non-OPEC countries joining OPEC in restricting supply was republished at Cleantechnica. It got some comments there. The first one was by James Wimberly. I reproduce it here in full, but you may want to click over there, since there were a lot of replies to that comment (including one from … [Read more…]

Gasoline Car Free Zones

SPIEGEL reports on plans for new executive legislation that would allow cities to declare gasoline car restricted zones. There are several models discussed. One would be to restrict these zones for dirty old cars that don’t observe the newest emission standards. Another one would be to restrict these zones based on the last digit of … [Read more…]

Again, Congratulations to OPEC

This time they have achieved an agreement with non-OPEC producers which is supposed to slash another 558,000 barrels per day in oil production. That’s the first time such an agreement has been done since 2001. My comment below is a copy of the comment I made about the OPEC agreement of cutting their production by 1.2 … [Read more…]

Fossil Fuel Exit Strategy

The next American Secretary of State may be Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil. Some people don’t like that idea. There will be questions in the confirmation hearings, including from Republicans who don’t like Tillerson’s good relations with Russia, a topic of interest right now. I for one think this is an excellent choice. It … [Read more…]