Flying a Passenger Jet with Solar Power? Yes, We Can Do that Now

Philipp Furler is a scientist working at the ETH university in Zurich. As this article at EurekAlert explains, he and his team have come up with a clever new way to make jet fuel from solar power, water and CO2 extracted from air. The process requires high temperatures of around 1,500 degrees Celsius. That’s about three … [Read more…]

Ending the MtGox Bankruptcy Procedure

The MtGox bankruptcy procedure is a very special case. That’s because bitcoin prices have risen so much that MtGox now is not only solvent, but if the case proceeds under the rules made for normal, insolvent bankrupts, the bankrupt in this case (Mark Karpeles) will be left with about a billion dollars in bitcoins not … [Read more…]

Trace Mayer’s Remorse Being Late to Bitcoin

Trace Mayer is a well-known Bitcoin commentator and investor. He is mainly publishing his “Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast” right now. His latest price analysis on that Podcast using the relation between present price and 200 days moving average as an indicator makes a lot of sense in my humble view. I recommend listening. I was interested … [Read more…]

Harry 2x

Imagine a book about “Harry” (I have one particular in mind). Imagine that it is leading in the market place, having found billions of fans. Imagine that the copyright has been transferred by the author to some big publishing and film companies. Now imagine they hold a meeting, look at the pleasing state of their … [Read more…]

Bitcoin Theft Directive Proposal

The EU Commission recently proposed a Directive  on combating fraud and counterfeiting of non-cash means of payment. Article 4 (a) would require Member States that the following is punishable as a criminal offence: theft or other unlawful appropriation of a payment instrument; A “payment instrument” is defined in Article 2 (a) as: “payment instrument” means a protected … [Read more…]

“FreeSociety” Anarchist State Project

Roger Ver is now in the business of founding new states. I recall that he was a positive force for Bitcoin a couple of years ago, before moving along to the Bcash altcoin. His current state founding project is called “Free Society”. There is a web address in the .com domain (, and Bitcoinmagazine just … [Read more…]

Outage Outrage

The recent hurricane Irma left over 90 percent of Florida power company “FPL” costumers without power. You might think that people who have their own solar panels installed would be not affected. You would be wrong. Turns out local regulations require private customers to shut down their solar panels once the grid powers down. This … [Read more…]

“Stupid”: Jamie Dimon on Cryptocurrencies

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon made some critical comments on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He expects Bitcoin to be closed down eventually, since governments don’t like the idea of losing control over currency, or not knowing where it is. The reason that hasn’t happened already is that the sector is still too small for governments to … [Read more…]