OPEC Failure

Bloomberg reports on the last OPEC meeting. According to their article, OPEC has failed to decide on any significant production limits. In their words: OPEC has abandoned all pretense of acting as a cartel. It’s now every member for itself. As expected, oil prices went down even more. The basic problem with the OPEC cartel … [Read more…]

1979 Exxon Internal Memo

Bill McKibben writes again in the Guardian about the evil (in his view) Exxon corporation. This time with the title “Imagine if Exxon had told the truth about climate change.” The general idea is again that Exxon could have strongly accelerated countermeasures. And again my comment is: If true, it would be a good idea … [Read more…]

Carbon Price and Oil Price

The prices for carbon permits in the EU have recovered to a level of over 8 euro, up from less than 4 back in January 2013. That’s good news. All things equal, higher carbon prices mean a faster transition to clean energy. On the other hand, the way the system works low carbon prices also … [Read more…]

CO2 Makes Humans Dumber

That’s what Joe Romm says, quoting research from Harvard. If true, this finally solves the great mystery of global warming: How can humanity be both so clever as to develop modern civilization in the first place and so dumb as to burn all the fossil fuel? My previous explanation involved an alien hypnotist who made … [Read more…]

Report on Dii

The German “Tagesspiegel” has published an article about what the “Desertec industrial initiative” has been up to lately (in German). We learn that the number of shareholders has been reduced to three: RWE, ACWA, and SGCC. The latter is the world’s largest utility and based in China, which will be convenient for all Desertec work … [Read more…]

Solar Auctions in Japan

PV magazine reports on discussions in Japan to introduce auctions as a method to save costs into the Japanese feed-in tariff system. That is a bad idea. Auctions will increase costs, not reduce them. If Japan wants to reduce costs, the first thing they should do is stop paying people at historical rates. Right now, … [Read more…]

EU Court of Justice Bitcoin Decision

The Court Decision The EU Court of Justice yesterday decided that bitcoins are not discriminated against compared to dollars, euros, or yen (Case C‑264/14, Hedquist). When running a currency exchange selling euros for dollars or yen, there is no need to pay value added tax for the value of the currency under Article 135 (1)  e) … [Read more…]

The Awesome EXXON Superpowers

Bill McKibben writes at the Guardian: this company had the singular capacity to change the course of world history for the better and instead it changed that course for the infinitely worse. That’s about the recent reports that Exxon knew about global warming decades ago and chose to lie about these issues. If it is … [Read more…]