Shutting Down NASA

Guardian talked to senior Trump campaign adviser Bob Walker, who is supposed to be dealing with NASA. He favors shutting down Earth research at NASA and concentrate NASA’s efforts on deep space research. Right now, around $2 billion are set apart for the Earth science division and $2.8 billion for deep space exploration. In recent … [Read more…]

Oil Prices Responding Fast to Supply Change

The Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change is an association of European investors representing  €13 trillion in assets. They have just published a report titled “Investor Expectations of Oil and Gas Companies – Transition to a lower carbon future”. This document consist of a short introduction describing the economic and policy environment for oil and … [Read more…]

Simple Hydro Energy Storage Concept

Pumped-storage hydro is a known concept. It is the largest existing form of storing peak electricity for time slots with less supply. Now Fraunhofer has started an experiment with a new idea. According to Georg Küffner writing at FAZ,  they built a sphere with concrete, diameter of three meters. Then they immersed that into the … [Read more…]

More Bad News for Oil Companies

Now they found another large oil deposit in Texas, the largest resource ever, estimated at about $900 billion at today’s prices. That’s bad news because this additional oil on the market will bring prices down even more. It would be good news if there was a sensible mechanism to restrict supply, keeping prices up. Oil … [Read more…]

Trump Win Bad News for Oil Companies

Handelsblatt explains that oil prices are down following the election. The market expects that there will be more oil produced in the United States. That will lead to higher supply. Higher supply obviously means lower prices. As the article notes, the extra supply from fracking in the United States was one reason for prices to … [Read more…]

Great America Leaving Paris Agreement

is a good thing. That’s because if they stay, everyone else will be forced to deal with Great America delegates trying to disrupt and delay the proceedings. As long as the Agreement doesn’t have a mechanism to kick out Member States (I am not aware of any such mechanism), it is in the best interest … [Read more…]

NASA Says Venus May Have Been Habitable

According to Ian Johnston writing at the Independent. If so, it would be fun to imagine that life there evolved to an intelligent species. And that said species fell for the fossil fuel trap (burning all the fossil fuel and starting a global warming feedback spiral). That’s one of the basic ideas of my first … [Read more…]