OPEC Doesn’t Work, Time For OCIC

That would be “Oil Importing and Consuming Countries”. The German newspaper Die Welt reports on how OPEC has failed to put an effective ceiling on oil production for the last couple of years. That’s bad news for the climate. Lower prices for gasoline mean less incentives to buy an electric vehicle. The article shows this … [Read more…]

Phaseout Profit Theory Is an Exit Strategy

Rainer Baake, State Secretary at the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, wrote an article at the Guardian titled “Industrialized nations must lead an exit strategy for fossil fuels”. There are two reasons I was interested. One is this paragraph: In fact, the progress made on energy efficiency and renewables can actually exacerbate the … [Read more…]

Kees van der Leun Was Wrong

He wrote five years ago that solar would be the cheapest option by 2018, expecting it to go below 6 cents a kWh by that time. Now Bloomberg reports on the latest auction results in Mexico, where solar averaged 4.05 cents. That beats wind, which averaged 4.39 cents in the same auction. And it beats … [Read more…]

The Miserable Failure of the German 2014 Renewable Energy Law Reform

The German government has in its infinite wisdom dumped the successful feed-in tariffs and is transitioning to a ┬ámodel based on auctions instead. Now the latest report on investment levels in 2015 was published, and it shows some rather embarrassing figures. Investment in Germany was down compared to 2014 by a whopping 46%, leaving the … [Read more…]