Book Review of TimeWars: Manifest Destiny, by Jason Fairchilds

Timewars: Manifest Destiny by Jason Fairchild Review The plot in brief: Scientists develop a time machine in 2015. While testing, they find out that in the near future the “Bram” alien race will invade Earth and use it as a base for harvesting. They send drone harvesting machines that take away anything in their path, leaving … [Read more…]

Google Book Case Appellate Decision

I’ll take a short break from solving global warming and go back to the Author’s Guild case against Google. The appellate decision has been published, and it affirms Google’s “fair use” right to use plaintiffs’ books in their “Google Books” project. I disagree with that decision. For one, the Appellate Court relies on the fact … [Read more…]

Oil and Gas Climate Initiative

The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative has published a Joint Collaboritive Declaration and their 2015 report “More energy – lower emissions: Catalyzing practical action climate change.” This initiative has 10 major oil and gas companies as members. Together they produce about 10% of the world’s energy. The basic idea: They recognize that global warming is … [Read more…]

Oil Lease Royalties

The American government just decided to cancel plans for auctioning new oil leases in the Arctic. See this report at the Guardian. According to the article, global warming is not a reason for that decision: Sally Jewell, the interior secretary, said the decision to cancel auctions scheduled for 2016 and 2017 was dictated by current … [Read more…]

Bad News From Michael Liebreich

Since I believe that fossil fuel should be expensive, I was not pleased reading this post by Michael Liebreich. He explains that prices for gas and oil will stay low. That’s because just like renewable energy, it gets cheaper to produce fossil fuel all the time. From the post: The surprising fact is that in … [Read more…]

China’s “Green Dispatch” Policy

Bobby Magill reports at Cleantechnica on this new development. “Clean Dispatch” means using low carbon sources of electricity with priority. From the Cleantechnica article: “China’s ‘green dispatch’ system will prioritize power generation from renewable resources, and establish guidelines to accept electricity first from the most efficient and lowest-polluting fossil fuel generators,” the presidents’ joint statement … [Read more…]