That is of course the title of the seventh James Bond novel by Ian Fleming published in 1959. But in this post I want to talk about the plot of the 1964 film. In both the book and the film the villain attacks the United States gold reserve at Fort Knox. But there is a difference. In … [Read more…]

Renewable Desalination

That’s the name of a website ( I found it over this tweet by Michael Liebreich, who likes the idea. The website explains real life experience with using solar power for desalination in Baja California Sur, Mexico. One of the advantages of doing this: Once renewable energy gets to large scale, there will be many … [Read more…]

LichtBlick Buying Tesla Powerwalls

LichtBlick is a large German utility that sells only renewable energy to their customers. A couple of years ago they started rolling out “home power plants” (Zuhausekraftwerk) in cooperation with Volkswagen. These are small gas burning units that use the heat for heating houses or providing hot water. This cogeneration process means that around 90 … [Read more…]

Lenz Fool

Bill McKibben writes in the Washington Post that trying to engage the fossil fuel industry is a “fool’s errand”. He points to recent comments by Rex Tillerson, citing them as proof that is it makes no sense talking to the enemy. In contrast, my Phaseout Profit Theory is pointing out that having caps on oil … [Read more…]

Got Mentioned To Miss Mongolia

Christian Roselund recently did an interview with Miss Mongolia 2012 Britta Battokta, who is supporting the SolarFuture.Today campaign. Embedding the video doesn’t seem to work, so you will need to click over to the site to watch that. It’s only about four minutes long. The first question was why Battokta supports the SolarFuture campaign. And … [Read more…]