Another Unpublished Regulation

Commission Regulation 1862/2006 has been “published” in the latest Official Journal. It is another measure on aviation security, concerned with walk-through metal detection equipment. Again, the operational part of that Regulation is kept secret. In contrast to the case I discussed earlier under the title “extra-stupid secret law” this is only without merit, not completely … [Read more…]

Hey, Google, Where is Your Mandate?

The EU Commission has published a “Recommendation on the digitisation and online accessibility of cultural material and digital preservation” on August 24, and the Council has endorsed it in “Council Conclusions” published today in the Official Journal. Number 11 of the Recommendation recommends that Member States: “make provision in their legislation for the preservation of … [Read more…]

EU Translation

The Court of Auditors has published a special report on translation in the EU. They estimate translation costs at about half a billion Euro after enlargement. The average cost per page is at 119 at Parliament and at 276 at Council. There is still a shortage of capacity for the languages of the new Member … [Read more…]

Hello Shanghai

I have been to China for a couple of days to speak about Intellectual Property in Europe at East China University of Politics and Law. Anyone who heard me speaking and would like to comment or ask some question should feel free to do so in comments to this post.

Complaint Against Surveillance

The Surveillance Directive is scheduled to be transposed into German law sometime next year. The moment the law is enacted it will be greeted by a volley of thousands of plaintiffs, complaining at the German Federal Constitutional Court. Already over 5000 people have signed up to be included in the complaint. There is a webpage … [Read more…]

World's Worst Country

Add me to the long list of those who think the U.S. is the most unfriendly country to visitors. I already thought that the U.S. is the World’s Worst last year, and cancelled possible plans for visiting a conference there for that reason. And that was before they legalized indefinitely detaining and torturing everybody for … [Read more…]

Indefinite Extrajudicial Detention

The Bush government openly asserts the right to detain anybody not a citizen of the United States indefinitely, without access to a lawyer or a chance to make their case in court. That includes people who have entered the country legally. Everybody contemplating visiting the United States for one reason or another should be aware … [Read more…]

Chinese Intellectual Property Enforcement

EU Trade Commissioner Mandelson is in China and has visited the “State Intellectual Property Office”. China is a major problem for the enforcement of European IP rights, as the recent survey showed. China is setting up a network of 50 “Intellectual Property Complaints Centres” to offer assistance in enforcing rights. The EU has agreed to … [Read more…]

Going after Rumsfeld, Round Two

Time reports on plans of the Center for Constitutional Rights to file another war crime complaint in Germany against Rumsfeld. Ironically, that case will be helped by the recent American legislation granting retroactive immunity from prosecution for torture war crimes. The complaint was dismissed the first time around because the German Federal Prosecutor thought the … [Read more…]