The German “Patentfrei” website has published a short text I wrote about the proposals for an European Patent Litigation Agreement (EPLA). This is in German. Heise has quoted it in their latest article about the EPLA here. “Patentfrei” is a lobby organisation financed by German small enterprises worried about software patents and other forms of … [Read more…]

Ridiculous Claim Actually Right

“Jeremy” at IPKat has one small comment on the software patent issue: He thinks it is not fair to point out that patent attorneys make money from filing software patents and are therefore supporting them in their own economic interest. He seems to think there is no such economic interest, because every once in a … [Read more…]

Recognize Creative Commons in Community Law?

An opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee published yesterday in the Official Journal calls for “introduction into Community law of adequate recognition and protection of licenses such as the LGPL (Lesser General Public License for technical documentation) or the Creative Commons license with regard to books and artistic creation.” I share the view … [Read more…]

Busy Day for the Official Journal

There have been 24 editions of the Official Journal published today (December 30, 2006), one for every hour. This is probably a new record for a single day. Interesting highlights: Regulation 1922/2006 on establishing a European Institute for Gender Equality, which will have its seat in Vilnius. Decision 1926/2006 establishing a Community programme in the … [Read more…]


Dave Winer points to a project of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales to do search with Wiki technology. The project is called Wikiasari. Dave Winer notes also that Google has no incentive to make search better. The longer people need to find relevant pages, the more ads Google can serve them. I am not sure if … [Read more…]

Patents Stop Drug Innovation

Says a new report of the American General Accounting Office. Politicians have already reacted. One Senator called it “troubling” that profits come at the expense of consumer in the form of higher prices and fewer new drugs”. I am not sure if this is true in all cases. It might be true that too many … [Read more…]