Google Privacy Worst on the Web

Headline at CNN. com right now, writing on a new report released by Privacy International. Google has as the only company received a well-earned worst rating of “comprehensive consumer surveillance & entrenched hostility to privacy” in the study. Google has reacted by trying to attack the credibility of Privacy International. They should probably invest that … [Read more…]

Patent Policy Opinion

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has published an opinion on patent policy authored by leading German academics (in German language, 36 pages). This opinion is opposed to patent inflation. I am going to quote only a few of the conclusions (in my translation): 1. They start out by quoting CISCO Chief Patent … [Read more…]

Air Transport Agreement

An Air Transport Agreement between the EU and the US has been published in the Official Journal on May 25th. Article 9, Paragraph 7 reads: “The Parties underline the importance of working towards compatible practices and standards as a means of enhancing air transport security and minimising regulatory divergence. To this end, the Parties shall … [Read more…]

About Time

Google is being investigated by the EU privacy watchdog Article 29 group for violation of what is left of European privacy standards. Two years ago when I started the “Google-free zone” blog category,  it would have been fair to describe European online privacy standards as leading worldwide. Unfortunately that is not true any more after … [Read more…]

Sue Me First

People are lining up in fairly large numbers to be the first defendant against a Microsoft patent lawsuit. Sue me first, Microsoft, is the message. Over thousand people have signed up.

Classified Information

There is a new agreement between the EU and the “government of the United States” on the security of classified information, published recently in the Official Journal. The purpose of this agreement is to establish a framework where classified information can be shared, while still receiving adequate protection against disclosure. This brings the potential for … [Read more…]

Another Secret Law

published in the latest Official Journal, again changing security standards in the aviation sector without telling anybody about what actually changed. This procedure is illegal under Article 254 of the EC Treaty, which requires that Regulations be published in the Official Journal. This Regulation is not published. It is also not compatible with basic requirements … [Read more…]

IPR Awareness and Enforcement Project

The EU Commission has published a call for proposals on 12th April for a project to raise awareness in IP rights and improve enforcement for SMEs. They plan to spend 7.9 million Euros over three years. There is special concern for fashion and design industries. However, only groups of organisations can apply. Individuals can’t make … [Read more…]

Detaining Suspects

The German Federal Constitutional Court has handed down a decision declaring detention of a suspect in a criminal case for potentially unconstitutional. In marked contrast to American law, where the government seems to be able to hold people in concentration camps like Guantanamo without bothering to indict them any time soon, the German Code of … [Read more…]