Indefinite Extrajudicial Detention

The Bush government openly asserts the right to detain anybody not a citizen of the United States indefinitely, without access to a lawyer or a chance to make their case in court. That includes people who have entered the country legally. Everybody contemplating visiting the United States for one reason or another should be aware … [Read more…]

Chinese Intellectual Property Enforcement

EU Trade Commissioner Mandelson is in China and has visited the “State Intellectual Property Office”. China is a major problem for the enforcement of European IP rights, as the recent survey showed. China is setting up a network of 50 “Intellectual Property Complaints Centres” to offer assistance in enforcing rights. The EU has agreed to … [Read more…]

Going after Rumsfeld, Round Two

Time reports on plans of the Center for Constitutional Rights to file another war crime complaint in Germany against Rumsfeld. Ironically, that case will be helped by the recent American legislation granting retroactive immunity from prosecution for torture war crimes. The complaint was dismissed the first time around because the German Federal Prosecutor thought the … [Read more…]

EPO must go?

There is a new petition website up that calls for abolishing the European Patent Office. I don’t plan to sign that petition anytime soon. The EPO does deserve some criticism in the software patent issue. But I don’t agree with the idea that the EPO both “grants patents and judges them”. If you want to … [Read more…]

Football Goal Copyright

The BBC reports that some monitoring outfit is asking Youtube to pull video of goals from the British Premier League. And IPKitten asks: Is there copyright in a goal? Of course not. However, Article 13 of the Rome Convention gives broadcasters the right to prevent rebroadcasting. If that is what the Youtube clips in question … [Read more…]

140.000.000 Creative Commons Link-Backs

Lessig writes another series of letters for the annual Creative Commons fundraiser. In his first letter, he notes that Creative Commons is now at over 140 million link-backs. That is a lot of pages. The Google index size is now said to be 25 billion. That would mean that about half a percent of Internet … [Read more…]

Iraq Declared War on America

said Bush. And yes, Iraq was attacking America, in his words. There has been no declaration of war. The war was undeclared as well as illegal. And Iraq has most certainly not been the aggressor in this case.

Hague Conference on Private International Law

The Council Decision 2006/719/EC of October 5th published in the latest Official Journal applies for EU membership at the Hague Conference on Private International Law. The EU has already adopted several instruments in the area of private international law, which are listed in the Decision. This means that the competence for legislation is moving to … [Read more…]

Tax Law Patents

Floyd Norris writes in the International Herald Tribune about patents covering tax reduction strategies. There seem to be already over 50 of them. This basically tells tax lawyers that they can’t do their job without spending half of their time researching patent databases and half of their income paying off some patent holders. Under the … [Read more…]

FBI for Data Retention

FBI head Robert Mueller has joined Attorney General Gonzales in calling for introducing an American version of the Surveillance Directive. Of course they are right. With torture and extrajudicial infinite detention legalized, it makes no sense to keep any limits on the surveillance powers of the government. Go ahead and watch all citizens around the … [Read more…]