Don't Read Your Book

Imagine a court order that prohibits you from reading a book you have bought. This court order can’t be based on copyright. Reading a book is not reproducing it. Even if you commit the whole book into the memory in your brain (as the characters in Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”) , that is one reproduction not … [Read more…]

Nuke and Deny

According to Yglesias, there are people in the office of the Vice President who advocate an unprovoked nuclear first strike against Iran. They say that they can deny afterwards having used the nukes. Radiation would be explained by the fact that the bombs have hit nuclear facilities. Sounds like an interesting plan. There might be … [Read more…]

Terror is a Minor Risk

Ryan Singel at Wired has a handy color code chart to prove it. Found at BoingBoing. As Schneier said, the aim of the terrorists is to spread terror, not to kill. That task is much easier if people react in a cowardly way. The first and most important reaction to terror must be to reject … [Read more…]

Jews for Lebanon

Jews for Lebanon is an idea of FON founder Martin Varsafsky. The idea is to bundle jewish contributions for rebuilding Lebanon. The site is live now.

Latest Diebold Joke

Now Felten announces that the key to their voting machines can be purchased easily on the Internet. It might be possible to still get a trustworthy vote, even when stealing is extremely easy. A couple of measures come to mind. One: Watch every machine around the clock. Assign volunteers for your campaign for every voting … [Read more…]

American Software Industry Not Dead Yet

Horns is celebrating a new paper by Berkeley Law School professor Merges “Patents, Entry and Growth in the Software Industry“,which he found here. That paper shows empirical proof that there is still a software industry left in America. From the abstract: “Whatever the effects of patents on the software industry, this paper concludes, they have … [Read more…]