Extra-Stupid Secret Law

Now there is another secret Regulation “published” in the Official Journal. Commission Regulation 1546/2006 at L 286/6. Again, like in the case I blogged here, we have an air traffic security measure that can’t be disclosed to the public. Therefore, the Annex to the Regulation (which contains the only actual new rules) is kept secret, … [Read more…]

New Council Rules of Procedure

of September 15th 2006 published in the latest Official Journal (L285/47 of October 16th). The main point seems to be giving more public access to deliberations, with a view to increasing the confidence of citizens in the European Union. This shows that Council has found someone with the ability of writing since I last called … [Read more…]

Airline Black List

Regulation 1543/2006 of October 12th 2006 updates the black list of airlines that are not allowed to fly in the EU for lacking safety standards. This one comes with a completely published Annex, showing that not all legislation on aviation safety is secret, in contrast to this case I blogged last week.

ThreeBallot Patents

On page 14 of his paper on the new ThreeBallot voting method, Ron Rivest says that he is not filing for any patents for this idea and that he is encouraging others who have improvements to do the same. His reason: “Our democracy is too important…”

EU Trade Strategy

The EU Commission has published a new strategy for trade called “Global Europe: Competing in the World”. While still fully committed to the multilateral WTO, the new strategy calls for Free Trade Agreements. These should include rules on enforcement of intellectual property rights as in the 2004 Enforcement Directive (page 12 of the paper). They … [Read more…]

EU Intellectual Property Survey

The Commission has released the results of a survey on intellectual property enforcement outside the European Union. (Link found at IPCentral). The results are in line with previous evaluations. China is the nation responsible for most of the problems, accounting for two thirds of counterfeit goods seized entering the EU. However, the Commission does not … [Read more…]

Secret Laws

The Official Journal of the European Union L271, published on September 30th, 2006, has a rather pointless entry at pages 31 to 32. That is a “Commission Regulation” Number 1488/2006 about aviation security. This “Regulation” is a complete joke. The main point of the “Regulation” is to amend the Annex of “Commission Regulation” 622/2003. However, … [Read more…]

Soccer Patent

Patent inflation finally has reached the world of soccer. Why am I not surprised? Guadamuz points to the latest atrocity the Board of Appeals at the European Patent Office has unleashed on the world. Apparently, in their twisted view it is now an invention to think of passing the ball “to another player (P2) to … [Read more…]

Anti-dumping Regulation

Council Regulation 1472/2006 imposing a definite anti-dumping duty on leather shoes from China and Vietnam has been published in the Official Journal on October 6th. The anti-dumping duty is set at 9.7 percent for the Chinese company “Golden Step” and at 16.5 percent for all other Chinese companies. All Vietnamese companies have to pay an … [Read more…]